Don’t wait any longer. Learn how to kite surf today!

Kite Surfing is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new sports in the world. It includes a kite, kiteboard, harness and one of the oldest known power sources known, THE WIND!

Its also a sport with much more risk than others, so lessons and proper instruction are a must. Aside from teaching you about the sport, taking a lesson will rapidly speed up your learning curve. So don’t buy a kite online and think you can become an expert. Do the research, know the gear, and take a lesson.

So take the first step and book a land lesson today. Land lessons are available daily so contact us today to get started. Call, email or call/text 860-336-9200.

Plenty of snow on the ground. We have not done much on the snow this year due to temps and amount of snowfall. However this week its changing. If you are interested in setting up a spring lesson now if the time to contact me. Spots will be VERY limited this year! Be safe!