Don’t wait any longer. Learn how to kite surf today!

Kite Surfing is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new sports in the world. It includes a kite, kiteboard, harness and one of the oldest known power sources known, THE WIND!

Its also a sport with much more risk than others, so lessons and proper instruction are a must. Aside from teaching you about the sport, taking a lesson will rapidly speed up your learning curve. So don’t buy a kite online and think you can become an expert. Do the research, know the gear, and take a lesson.

So take the first step and book a land lesson today. Land lessons are available daily so contact us today to get started. Call, email or call/text 860-336-9200.

With the windless month of August behind us we are starting up again. Times are available almost every week until the water gets too cold! Contact us today!