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8 Comments on “Testimonials”

  • took a lesson with Jeff over the summer. Totally awesome guy! Great teacher as well. Must have said the word safe 100 times. Thanks for taking the time.

  • Great place to learn. I had a great time.

  • Diane and Paul Brackle

    My husband and I took lessons with Jeff over the summer. Very patient and just a very engergetic person to be around! He took the time with us and even spent extra time with me. If you want lesson in Rhode Island, he’s the guy to call. Thanks Jeff!

  • Nick Township

    After 2 lessons with other people it was a whole different expirience with Jeff. He started right from the begining and went over everyhting. Wind, weather, safety, location, safety, oo and I mention safety? 3 hrs later I have my first real water start after understanding how the kite needs to fall back into the window. Rig it, launch it, and hang on for one of the most exciting things I have ever done!

  • Took a lesson with Jeff this past weekend. Very detailed in explaining how things work and the safety aspect of the sport. Can’t wait to hit the water!


  • We took a land lesson with Jeff. An excellent teacher and very organized! Was worth the $100!

    Will D

  • Took a land lesson this past weekend. Extended it out. Super exp. From the time I started flying the trainer kite until the session ended I improved 500%. Jeff is a great teacher and a better person. Very patient and effective. Can’t wait to hit the water!

  • Stephanie

    We did a double lesson in November on land. We just finished a water lesson set. It was a great time. Safety is the name of the game and yes we will never kite in a north wind! Thanks Jeff!

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