Taste of the Sport- Land Lesson

Duration: 1.5 hours All Year Long!
Price: $125
Location: Varies based on Land and Wind
- Strongly Suggested PRIOR to water courses.

This is the basics of the sport and is a land lesson. This lessons involves theory and practical instruction and will include flying a trainer kite under instruction. 

In this class you will learn how to:

  • How to set up, launch, and land a power trainer kite.
  • Understand the science of the wind, weather, and how this aids in making good safe decisions independently.
  • Understand the wind window and the 3 types of power strokes.
  • Fly and control the kite in the different areas in the window.
  • Review the different types of gear.


Water Lesson- PRIVATE 1-2 students

Duration: 3 hours
Price: $325
Location: Rhode Island or Connecticut Coast With or Without Jet Ski Support

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Make safe decisions regarding gear, location, and how to create a safe session.
  • Set up, launch, and land a full sized inflatable bow kite INDEPENENTLY.
  • Control and fly a bow kite in a changing water environment
  • Learn the body dragging technique with and without a board.
  • Learn how to sheet the kite and how to control the power.
  • Learn how to water start and some basic board skills.
  • By the end of this class you will understand how to make good decision that lead to having safe sessions.


PRIVATE Riding Lesson

Duration: Varies
Price: $125 Per Hour- 2hr min
Location: Rhode Island or Connecticut Coast

This lesson will be focused on what the student is looking to improve. May include water starts, transitions, and jumping. We can also spend the session focusing on improving unwind riding skills. Its up to you!